Our catering service offers you a wide selection of dishes and services that can be acustomized to your individial needs. We strongly believe in high quality ingredients which are perfectly cooked and presented in an attractive and appealing way. Our rates include almost everything. 



With the start of our "Sandwich Sheriff" Gourmet Food Truck a dream of many years came true. We are now able to deliver our passion for exceptional food to your door step and take away your worries of how to feed your guests, be it at a private function or at a business meeting. Our Gourmet Food Truck is equipped with the newest cooling and food prep facilities according to the actual health regulations. We will be at events and on the streets all over the Okanagan when ever the weather is permitting. You can also book us and the "Sandwich Sheriff" drives up to your door step and takes care of your event. Please contact us for a quote to book the whole truck for the day. Of course we are available for weddings, all kinds of parties, film productions, sports or cultural events ...                 


"Sandwich Sheriff " 

Gourmet  Food Truck 

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Private & corporate Catering 


  Consulting services 

Due to our wide experience in the high end restaurant & hospitality world we offer a variety of related consulting services. We are able to help you setting up a balanced menu, a matching or exclusive wine list, we can make suggestions for fine food & wine pairings for your exclusive event or with any other insight from the world of fine food & wine. We very much benefit from strong personal contacts not only in the Okanagan, but also into the world wide high end wine scene, especially Bordeaux, Alsace, Piemonte and the southwest of Germany. Our personal wine collection includes many bottles of all formats back to 1922 and most likely not available anywhere in BC.